• Safe for you and the environment

    Topi Natural products are water-based, do not contain PFCs and aerosols.

  • A natural formula that works

    We use only natural raw materials and the latest technologies.

  • Safe place to buy, fast delivery

    We ship most shipments on the same business day.

  • No. 1 producer of natural care products in the Nordic countries

    More than 100,000 satisfied customers

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We are talked about

  • Shoe Repel is super. I walked with old HH boots for 3 hoursin snow and water. When I entered the room, my legs were dry.

    --Erik Riikoja, Photographer, Vainu farmstead

  • Shoe deodorant is very effective, took the odor to aminimum. A good product for other family members as well.

    --Tõnis Korts, CEO of the Estonian Hunters' Association

  • Repel-127 protects against water and snow. Battle clotheswere frozen during the exercises. By tapping, the ice fell off, leaving thematerial dry.

    --Siim Jeeberg, Defense League Western Regiment

Green not only in content

We pack our product in jars and bottles made from recycledaluminum. Unlike other packaging materials, aluminum containers can be recycledindefinitely without compromising on quality.

PS! 8 million tons of plastic reach the oceans every year!