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Lazypal:   The eco-friendly shoe cleaning solution!

Tired of scrubbing your shoes by hand?

Afraid to put your shoes in the washing machine because they might get damaged?

Lazypal is here to solve all your shoe cleaning problems!

Lazypal is a unique cleaning sponge that:

  • Removes dirt and dust quickly and easily
  • Suitable for both synthetic and leather shoes
  • Is reusable and washable
  • Does not damage shoes
  • Is made from 100% recycled materials
With Lazypal, shoe cleaning is quick, convenient and environmentally friendly:
  • Wipe off dust and surface dirt with a dry Lazypal sponge.
  • For a deeper clean, pump Topi Natural cleaning foam onto the sponge.
  • Clean your shoes with the Lazypal sponge.
  • Rinse the sponge with clean water.
  • Enjoy your clean and shiny shoes!
Lazypal is the perfect solution for:
  • Busy people who don't have time to clean their shoes by hand
  • People who are afraid to put their shoes in the washing machine
  • People who are looking for a convenient, effective and eco-friendly shoe cleaning solution

Order your Lazypal today and enjoy clean shoes without the hassle!
Lazypal – Your shoes' best friend!

Patent-pending design

  • Lazypal is protected by a design patent in the European Union, the United States, the United Kingdom and other markets

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