Topi Natural Super Kit

Topi Natural Super Kit

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Topi Natural Super Kit - a comprehensive set of premium products designed to keep your sneakers, hiking boots, sportswear, and outdoor clothing clean and comfortable. We understand the importance of maintaining the quality and longevity of your favorite items, which is why we have carefully curated this kit with the best solutions available.

The TOPI NATURAL Super Kit includes four essential products: TOPI Natural Water and Dirt Repellent Spray (Natural Repel), Natural Cleaning Foam, Natural Microfiber Bamboo Cloth, and Natural Stain & Dirt Eraser. Each item is designed to deliver exceptional performance while being safe to use on a wide range of materials, including leather, suede, nubuck, fabric, vinyl, nylon, cotton, and more. 

Superior cleaning ability

Safe on all materials
Repels liquids and stains 
Let's take a closer look at each component of the TOPI NATURAL Super Kit:

TOPI Natural Water and Dirt Repellent Spray:

Our Natural Repel spray creates a durable, breathable barrier that effectively repels water and dirt, making cleaning a breeze. Whether it's outerwear, casual wear, or footwear, this spray keeps your items looking clean and fresh. It is suitable for use on clothes, footwear, and TEX® materials. Furthermore, it is water-based, UV-stable, non-flammable, and odorless, with no impact on the usability or appearance of your belongings. With TOPI Natural Repel, you can enjoy long-lasting protection for your cherished items.

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TOPI Natural Cleaning Foam:

Experience the power of Natural Cleaning Foam, a high-performance, water-based foam that effectively cleans without harsh chemicals or abrasives. With its 98.3% natural composition, it is practically odorless and completely biodegradable. Suitable for various materials, including leather, suede, nubuck, fabric, vinyl, nylon, and more, this cleaning foam prolongs the life of your shoes by up to 50%. It is NSF certified and environmentally friendly, ensuring efficient, safe, and eco-friendly cleaning for all your belongings.

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TOPI Bamboo Microfiber Cloth:

The TOPI Natural Bamboo Microfiber Cloth is specially designed to clean dust and dirt from clothes, shoes, bags, and other delicate surfaces. Made from natural bamboo, this cloth is extremely soft, non-abrasive, and environmentally friendly. Its versatility allows it to be used on all materials, providing gentle and effective cleaning. Whether used wet or dry, the microfiber cloth exhibits superb absorbency and quick drying capabilities, making it a reliable companion for your cleaning needs.

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TOPI Natural Stain & Dirt Eraser:

With the TOPI Natural Stain & Dirt Eraser, stubborn stains become a thing of the past. This versatile stain remover eliminates most stains, including soot, rubber, marker, and ballpoint pen marks. Suitable for all materials, including nubuck and suede, it works at a microscopic level, effectively removing dirt and leaving behind a light residue that can be easily rinsed off. This gentle, effective, odorless, and non-toxic stain remover ensures your items stay clean and fresh.

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The TOPI NATURAL Super Kit is designed with your satisfaction and the environment in mind. All the products in this kit are water-based, environmentally friendly, and free of volatile gases. They are made with natural and biodegradable ingredients, ensuring the safety of both your belongings and the planet. Additionally, the packaging is eco-friendly and reusable, further reducing waste. 

Invest in the TOPI NATURAL Super Kit to care for your sneakers, hiking boots, sportswear, and outdoor clothing effectively. With this comprehensive set of high-quality products, you can enjoy long-lasting

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