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Topi Natural Brush Standard

Topi Natural Brush Standard

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Topi Natural Brush Standard is a handmade and efficient tool for the comprehensive cleaning of stubborn stains and dirt on various materials.

Key Features:

  • Pleated synthetic bristles tied in dense bundles for maximum cleaning power.
  • Handcrafted precious wood handle finished with natural linseed oil, showcasing the beautiful wood grain.
  • Each brush bears the unique and unrepeatable Topi Natural logo, created with a classic burning stamp.


  • Ideal for cleaning tennis shoes, sneakers, and athletic footwear.
  • Perfect for refreshing and cleaning insoles.
  • Suitable for tackling dirt and grime on rubber and artificial materials.
  • Can effectively clean strong and durable leather.

Note: When cleaning high-quality leather, suede, cotton mesh, and other delicate materials, exercise extra caution and gentleness. We highly recommend using our Topi Natural Medium Brush, which features softer pig bristles specifically designed for delicate surfaces.

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