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Topi Natural Brush Medium

Topi Natural Brush Medium

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Topi Natural Brush Medium is a handmade brush specifically designed for delicate cleaning of delicate materials. It features soft pig bristles that ensure gentle yet effective cleaning.

Key Features:

  • Natural pig bristles, tied in dense bundles, provide gentle and effective cleaning power.
  • The handmade precious wood handle is finished with natural linseed oil, highlighting the beautiful wood grain.
  • Each brush is adorned with the unique and unrepeatable Topi Natural logo, created with a classic burning stamp.


  • Ideal for cleaning high-quality leather.
  • Perfect for rejuvenating and cleaning nubuck and suede.
  • Suitable for delicate cleaning of cotton net and other delicate materials.

Note: Topi Natural is committed to achieving a waste-free future. This product is made from 100% natural materials.

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