Barefoot care - TOPI NATURAL

Barefoot care - TOPI NATURAL



Barefoot shoes, like all other shoes, also need regular maintenance. With targeted maintenance, you can extend the life of your shoes by up to 50%. At the same time, it is no secret that the first impression of a person is also created by his shoes. And on top of everything, you just feel good in well-kept shoes.

Caring for new shoes. Preparing the shoes for the first wear.

Barefoot shoes of good brands have already been serviced at the factory, and information about this can be found on the product or from the seller. However, maintenance is expensive and many manufacturers do not do it.

Textile and suede shoes (including velor, nubuck, etc. "hairy" skins to the touch). Spray Topi Natural Repel spray on the shoes so that the surface is evenly moist. If necessary, wipe off the excess with a cloth and let it dry completely at room temperature. The natural remedy does not change the appearance of the shoes, while making them repel water and dirt. For a velvety look, brush with Topi Natural Soft Brush.


Smooth full leather shoes, like your own leather, need nourishment and protection. The best solution for this is Topi Natural Wax - natural shoe wax containing natural beeswax. Waxing helps maintain the appearance and properties of the shoe by ensuring softness and hydration. Apply an even thin layer of wax to the shoe and let it work. The natural jojoba oil and almond oil contained in Topi Natural wax deeply nourish the skin. Castor oil gives a silky shine. After some time, wipe off the excess with a soft cotton cloth and polish. Natural beeswax forms a protective layer on the surface of the shoe, which protects against moisture and dirt. The material itself remains naturally breathable.


In the case of vegan materials (e.g. microfibre, synthetic leather), care with a spray is recommended, but it must be observed according to the model. Topi Natural Repel gives shoes additional protection and makes them water repellent. After applying and absorbing the spray, wipe off the excess with a soft cotton clotha. 

Daily care of Barefoot shoes - how to care?

It doesn't matter if your shoes are made of smooth leather, suede, nubuck, textile, vegan material or artificial material. The first rule is that the shoes must be clean and dry. The best way to achieve this is to wipe the shoes with a slightly damp TOPI NATURAL Bamboo Microfiber cloth immediately after wearing them. Natural ultra-fine microfiber easily removes dirt, salt, oil and other residues accumulated during the day and does not allow them to dry inside the material. Then let the shoes dry at room temperature. This ensures that the material dries evenly and the shoes retain their shape.

NB! It is extremely dangerous to use single-use pre-moistened foam "tucks". Generally, they are coated with silicone oil, which covers the dirt and closes the pores of the skin.


More thorough cleaning of Barefoot shoes - how to clean?

Before more thorough cleaning, it is advisable to brush off larger dirt and grime from the shoes. Use a brush that does not damage the material. You can find a suitable brush in the Topi Natural product range

Cleaning barefoot shoes with Topi Natural Cleaning foam

The most convenient way to thoroughly clean barefoot shoes is to use Topi Natural cleaning foam. It is an extremely effective and natural product. Topi Natural Cleaning Foam contains no hazardous chemicals or gases and is suitable for virtually all materials, including leather, suede, nubuck, vegan materials, fabric, vinyl, nylon, cotton and more. The product is water-based.

Apply the cleaning foam directly to the shoes and clean with a Topi Natural cleaning brush or sponge in circular motions. If the dirt has dried on the shoe, let the substance work for a while. If necessary, repeat the procedure. Wipe away chemical and dirt residues with a microfiber cloth moistened with water. Allow to dry completely at room temperature.


You can remove soot, oil, asphalt, marker, pen and other difficult stains using TOPI NATURAL Stain Remover Moisten the stain with cleaning foam and remove the stain with light circular movements. The incredibly fine particles released from the stain remover remove the stain on a microscopic level.


Protecting smooth leather shoes with Topi Natural Wax

Apply Topi Natural Wax protective wax with natural beeswax as an even thin film on clean and dry shoes. Allow the natural oils in the wax to nourish the skin from the inner layer to the outer layer. Better overnight. Wipe off the excess with a cotton cloth and polish. The natural beeswax contained in the wax forms a protective layer on the shoe and gives a silky shine.

We make shoes repel water and dirt - Topi Natural natural waterproof spray

Suitable for shoes made of leather, nubuck, suede, textiles, vegan materials and artificial materials. Spray the water-repellant spray, i.e. the moisture barrier, evenly 20 cm. from a distance to the entire shoe so that the surface is evenly moist. Wipe off excess with a soft cloth before final drying. Let the shoes dry completely at room temperature. Topi Natural Repel is natural, completely safe for the environment, people and animals.


Topi Natural natural shoe deodorant and odor remover

Removing unpleasant odors from shoes and creating an antibacterial environment - TOPI natural shoe deodorant and odor remover


Spray the deodorant 2-4 times in both shoes and let it work. 100% natural product. Contains only natural components and essential oils: lemongrass, peppermint, tea tree, sinrun. TOPI natural shoe deodorant effectively removes odors from any type of footwear and materials.

Tip: Refresh your shoes once a week to create an antibacterial environment.






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