Tips for caring for shoes

Tips for caring for shoes

First of all, we always recommend cleaning your shoes from dirt, dust and chemicals. For this purpose, we have developed TOPI natural shoe cleaning spray.

which removes dirt and opens the pores of the leather so that nutrients can be absorbed.

Spray the cleaning spray on shoes or cloth. Clean the shoes and allow them to dry. The cleaning spray is also suitable for removing daily dirt and salt residues.

Fur leather products should then be given food and protection. Our TOPI natural wax for footwear and leather goods is perfect for this.


The various natural oils are selected to nourish the leather deeply to the surface. Natural beeswax gives protection and a silky shine. Also restores old and worn leather.

TOPI natural shoe cream

-is intended for the daily care of footwear for the purpose of cleaning, moisturizing, nourishing and protecting it.

In order to give your shoes water and dirt repellent properties, we recommend using TOPI NATURAL REPEL


- natural water and dirt-repellent spray.

Spray evenly over the entire surface from a distance of 20 cm until the surface is wet. Before final drying, wipe off any excess with a soft cloth. Allow to dry completely.

NATURAL REPEL restores the water repellency of membrane fabrics. The material retains its breathability. Completely safe for the environment, humans and animals. PFC-free. The product has been tested by the Defense League and several leading nature photographers.

If you feel that your shoes smell bad, then we have a cure for this problem as well.

TOPI natural shoe deodorizer


-is an innovative two-phase product: firstly, it removes bad odors and secondly, it creates an unfavorable environment for odor-causing bacteria that prevents them from developing.

The product is 100% natural and contains essential oils such as lemongrass, mint, tea tree, lemon.

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